Thursday, 28 February 2013


Our friend Carole S. Farrow died a year ago today but her generosity and creativity will long be remembered.  Not least of all by her friends, former colleagues and pupils at Edmund Waller School in New Cross, South East London where last year children created wall tiles and a ceramic plaque in memory of the work she'd done over the years helping them celebrate the richness and diversity of their school community. 

Here's one they made earlier
Not one to do anything by halves, the scale of Carole's creativity was matched only by the levels of skill, confidence and aspiration she inspired in the children.  She believed in their abilities and their achievement was enormous.
Larger than life-size animals 
After a project with children of Somali descent in 2005 others followed celebrating the art and culture of Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Turkish and African communities. 

A flowering of love and respect for all that will not fade.

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